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Our staff is up for any challenge, from packaging, injection molding products or plastic sheets, and our technical experts will work with you to plan, design and create the initial prototype. After presenting the prototype, we discuss whatever changes and modifications are necessary to meet your requirements. After agreeing on the final version, we begin work on the molds for mass-production, keeping the highest quality standards of manufacture (including BRC and ISO), and ensuring clients get exactly what they ordered until their products are finally packaged for transport. 

Today, there are many niche markets that make use of plastic, from sheets and plates made from new materials to unique packaging designed for agriculture, food and industry, all with particular emphasis on green manufacturing processes and environmental guidelines.

In our daily lives, hundreds of products we come in contact with are made of plastic, many of which are designed for single use and disposed of quickly. This translates to enormous quantities of plastic waste, and as plastic is non-biodegradable, every time we throw something made of plastic into the trash, it inevitably finds its way to a landfill, becoming a source of pollution of ground and groundwater. This is why the recycling of plastic is essential, and why AMG always uses recycled plastic to minimize the environmental damage to our land and water sources. 

In AMG we also firmly believe in innovation, efficiency and availability, and take pride in the fact that we offer fast-tracked processes of product development, meaning clients may begin actual production within weeks or even days, depending on client specifications and urgency of orders.


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