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AMG was founded in 1992 in an industrial area in the north of Israel, and since then has become one of the leading companies in the industry specializing in plastic sheets and packaging, as well as furniture for the home and garden. 

AMG Plastic Sheets & Packaging Ltd. offers unparalleled expertise in the development of packaging products, thermoforming, and injection molding solutions for markets that consider quality and style essential to their product success. Our local and international clients include companies from various industries, such as thermoforming factories, food packaging, agricultural packaging, hygiene and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, home and garden furniture, kitchenware, catering, takeaway packaging and many others. 

Our range of products are made of a wide array of materials, including PLA, PS, PP, PE, and PET. 


AMG specializes in development, planning and design of plastic solutions, providing tailor-made solutions for clients of every industry, while maximizing utilization of materials and maintaining the unique design specifications of each client. Optimal use of materials ensures huge savings on manufacturing costs, and an uncompromising standard of product excellence. 


Quality and efficiency are our company’s watchwords. 


We intend to make AMG an incubator for developing plastics products, providing comprehensive solutions using any technology. ellence. .



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